Rapper Mulatto Reveals She'll Be Changing Her Name In The Coming Months

Rapper Mulatto Reveals She'll Be Changing Her Name In The Coming Months
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Mulatto , 22, has been making waves in the rap game ever since she came on to the scene with her debut record, Queen of Da Souf. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the 22-year-old performer is the first solo woman from Atlanta to get a gold plaque for her record.

Additionally, Mulatto has made sure to mention some of the shout-outs she has gotten from the biggest names in the game, including Nicki Minaj, who was obviously a major inspiration to her. As a result of her rise to fame, Mulatto has encountered some challenges, however.

One such issue has to do with her name, which many have claimed is colorist, and perpetuates a system in which darker-skin black people are ignored in favor of lighter-skinned black people. According to the rap-star, she actually has been thinking about changing it.

In fact, the topic of her name has already been in the headlines many times. The rapper said she didn't know her "final decision yet," but she's been at the "drawing board," and has been trying to figure out how to proceed forward.

You can check out a discussion of her name in the YouTube video below. Pay particular attention to the point at 13-minutes.

According to a new interview from Hot Freestyle, Mulatto shared that she did have something in the works in terms of a new name, but she wouldn't be coming out with it until she dropped a new project, which will likely come out later this year.

Her intention was to never "glorify" being bi-racial,  the rapper explained, however, to many people it seemed to come off that way. The rapper said that changing her name is a big deal, to record labels, to companies who endorse an artist, and many other entities that may have a financial interest in her.


It's going to take some time to come out with a new persona title, but it'll likely be a planned change and it'll happen before a new project as well. The rapper went on to emphasize that a "name change at this level" was no joke.

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