Rachel Lindsay Reveals She Slept With More Than One Finalist During The Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay Reveals She Slept With More Than One Finalist During The Bachelorette
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Rachel Lindsay, from The Bachelorette , is gearing up to marry Bryan Abasolo - the man she got engaged with on the 13th season of The Bachelorette . However, Lindsay revealed previously that she had actually slept with other contestants before finally establishing her relationship with Bryan.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Lindsay told reporters, "you know what I can confess? People are always like, 'we're you intimate with everyone in the fantasy suite? Two out of three." On the 13th of August, Rachel admitted that she slept with two out of three of the finalists on the show.

The 34-year-old didn't reveal which two out of the three she slept with, Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus, or Abasolo, but she did have the wherewithal to tell her fiancé what she was up to on the show before getting into a serious romance with him.

"It doesn't count until you put a ring on it!" the star said to reporters regarding her sexual history on the show. She added that she was very honest about it with him, and technically, they weren't really together at the time either.

The 39-year-old doesn't appear to be bothered by the confessions, stating that her marriage to the reality star was going to be like a "Caribbean area." The pair are gearing up to get married this summer.

Reportedly, Lindsay doesn't have a bridal party picked out yet, but she does intend on getting her fiancé's sisters, her own, as well as the mothers ready before the ceremony finally kicks off. As for whether they intend to put it on TV, Rachel said they're not planning to televise it, and she's glad.

Rachel said back in February that she was glad to be out of the public because much of their relationship was created and facilitated in the public's eye. Lindsay said she and her man now have control over the wedding, who will come, and other key details.

According to the Washington Post, Rachel actually made history when she became the very first black female contestant on The Bachelorette.

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