Proud T.I. Says His Son, Domani Harris Simply Shocked Him With His New Music

Proud T.I. Says His Son, Domani Harris Simply Shocked Him With His New Music
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T.I. has been promoting his kids' projects like crazy these days. He's now raving over his son, Domani Harris who just released some new music and it's really dope, so you should take the time and listen to it.

He posted a few videos and emotional messages in which he's telling the whole world just how proud he is of his talented son.

'Super Proud of your Progress @domaniharris1 You said what you wanted, worked tirelessly, learned & earned every bit of success you’re accumulating FOR SELF!!! As much as we bump heads...I listen to your music and I say “That stubborn little muuuufucka was listen the whole time!!!”🤯 TIME WILL TELL Midnight 🕛 ALL PLATFORMS!!! Song Playing: One Day #ProudPops,' Tip captioned a video last night.

Fans praised both Domani's talent and Tip's efforts to raise his kids.

Someone said: 'That tough love pays off. I guess sometimes it’s not “cool” to show their parents that they’re listening, but it sure reassures you as a parent, when you see/experience what you’ve taught be displayed👌🏾👌🏾'

Another follower posted: 'YAH DID WELL!! It takes a village to raise a child and Tip u raising your own damn army! Well done sir! Good God Almighty! You sir are a true blessing for the future!'

Tip shared another post which he captioned with: 'Young’n Shocked da shit outta Me Y’all...I ain’t Lyin!!!! @domaniharris1 TIME WILL TELL Out Now!!!! #ProudPops Song Playing: I’m Not Ready.'

A fan said that this new music is 'What the world needs right now. This is soo refreshing 🔥.'

Someone gushed over Domani and said: 'Talented son you have! The album is super dope so far!'

One commenter posted: 'Damnnnnn Tip he shut that down.. that's FIRE RIGHT THERE. I Know you are a very proud pops!!!'

Someone else wrote this: 'I don’t normally care for the younger rappers or singers but I love the softness of this beat and Domani's voice. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿'

It's great to see Tip so happy and proud especially following the latest horrible event that took place and involved the memory of his beloved sister, Precious Harris.

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