T.I. Is Back In The Studio And His Fans Cannot Wait For Some New Music From 'The GOAT'

T.I. Is Back In The Studio And His Fans Cannot Wait For Some New Music From 'The GOAT'
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T.I. took some time off from making music while keeping himself occupied with social and political business. He shared a photo on his social media account in which he seems to be in the studio, recording and fans are happy and excited to learn that they can expect some new tunes.

Other than this, Tip has been making sure to support all his kids and their projects. The latest one he's promoted online is Domani Harris and the proud dad just shared a video in which more people talk about how Domani is as a musician.

Anyway, here's Tip's hint that he's back in the studio:

'Back in the blender... let’s see if I still remember how to work one of these things.... #TrueLove🎤🎼🎶' Tip captioned his post.

Someone called him the GOAT and another fan said, 'Quit that silly talk partna and just give us that raw grimy street ish we like#Rubberbandman.'

A follower said, 'Jefe with Meek was one of my favorite songs of last year. Of course, you still got it. ✌🏼'

Someone posted: 'TIP yo last album was the Best Album! No skipping just 🔥 all the way thru!'

A follower told T.I., 'Don’t get in the booth if you not gone spit that old school TI like urban legend, trap muzik, King etc. After Paper Trail your whole sound changed. No coincidence that was one of your best albums and last great album. 2008 was a while ago time to get back on it my dude @troubleman31 😎'

One other excited commenter wrote: 'Let’s get it!!!! It’s crazy you posted this, I’ve been listening to TI “only” the last 3 days!!! I’m playing the mega millions tonight!!'

Fans cannot wait to see what Tip is working on these days.

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