Porsha Williams Shares An Outrageous Video - Fans Are Going Mad After Seeing The Viral Clip!

Porsha Williams Shares An Outrageous Video - Fans Are Going Mad After Seeing The Viral Clip!
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Porsha Williams shared a video depicting violence against a woman in the middle of the street. The clip became viral, and fans are enraged after seeing this horrible incident. Check out the clip below.

'This is exactly why I’m always afraid to pump gas and be out alone. I never know how to act when men approach me. So I always speak very strongly and with authority, I say “NO I’m not interested... leave me alone PLEASE! Smh we should y have to be afraid as women. The sad part is all these guys recording and laughing is despicable !! On the second slide someone says they know his family’s name and his nickname! If you have a tip or suggestion or want to talk to us about this story, Text the word “TIP” to 1-310-388-6463 Via: @hollywoodunlocked,' Porsha captioned the clip.

Someone said: 'It was on the news tonight but was reported as a man hitting a man,' but another follower responded:

'this is why we shouldn’t watch the news 🤦🏾‍♀️ I could understand if there wasn’t any audio because the video was dark so it is kind of hard to tell whether it’s a male or female but you could clearly hear her voice and how she sounds. It’s common sense that this was a girl or a woman he hit.'

Another commenter wrote: 'my nephews actually personally know this young lady and went to school with her. She removed tags from posts and deleted her Facebook because she didn't want all of the public attention. I have her Instagram but it might be private.'

Someone else posted this: 'Thank you for posting this. I keep telling ppl that black male privilege is just as much a threat to black women as racism is.'

Another commenter had the following thing to say: 'A black man did this to a black woman. Let y’all tell it a (real woman) And I’m supposed to think BLM protects all black, including trans and gays. Yeah right. The same men we are fighting for are killing and beating us. Y’all better wake up.'

What do you think about this horrible incident?

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