Porsha Williams Flaunts PJ's Permanent Resting-Princess Face In This Photo

Porsha Williams Flaunts PJ's Permanent Resting-Princess Face In This Photo
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams shared some throwback pics, and Pilar Jhena McKinley is also featured in one of them. Check out the photos that the RHOA star shared on her social media account.

'PJ has a permanent resting-princess face - she is Royalty and doesn't bless us with her smile unless she wants to,' a follower said.

Someone said: 'The hair that you had in Greece, I need more information! It was beautiful,' and another follower posted this: 'Thank you! Lol, I was waiting on your reply on Twitter lmao. Hair almost as beautiful as PJ!'

One other commenter posted: 'Always dripping, underrated from season one, watch the drop-off fishes,' and a fan wrote: 'Pilar always looks unbothered BigMood.'

Someone else brought up the relationship between Porsha and NeNe Leakes on RHOA and said: '@porsha4real that convo with you and nene was so heartfelt and mature😍' and another commenter posted: 'Go into kids wear Porsha u will make billions y'all Beautiful.'

A follower said: 'I LOVE your dress from the Greece episode!! To die For ♥️' and someone else wrote: 'I actually love you Porshaaa!!! You are a good good friend. @wigsbywelz you give me Porsha vibes. I miss you.'

Someone else cannot believe that Pilar is one year old already and posted: 'I can’t believe she is one already, she’s beautiful looking like both parents. Kisses to her, you're doing a wonderful job.'

One other follower said: 'Beautiful!! Saw that obliques snapback, in the family challenge dance!'

Other than this, the RHOA star shared a message on her social media account, which explains in the most straightforward way how staying at home can help during these times.

The unfortunate thing is that lots of people are not taking too seriously what’s happening around the world and in the US as well with the coronavirus pandemic, which is killing people and disrupting the normal life all over the globe.

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