Porsha Williams Explains That What People Achieved So Far Is Against All Odds

Porsha Williams Explains That What People Achieved So Far Is Against All Odds
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Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account, showing fans some extremely interesting facts. Check out the clip that impressed a lot of fans.

'Systemic Racism/ Segregation ... What bootstraps? When we succeeded it’s against all odds,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'He explains it so eloquently, easy to understand, and hard to keep denying!' and one other commenter posted this: 'Right, and if they start to see too many succeed at one time, they bombed us.'

A follower said: 'The more we know…the more we can grow. Knowledge is power,' and one other commenter wrote: 'Reparations please and thank you! Direct deposit is available on request!'

Someone else said: 'This is why we protest. not for them pacify is with the Black National Anthem,' and a commenter posted this: 'We never kept each other in the barrel, they did‼️ I bet his book explains the same degradation of school intuitions, Bank loans, and community development. So we know for certain they were the Crabs 🦀'

A follower said: 'We have to work twice as hard to obtain less than half of what white mediocre people have. This is why. These systems were made to keep us down, and they're still running.'

An Instagrammer said: 'Porsha—thank you for using your platform to uplift an educate. You are an icon and an inspiration and we appreciate you more than you know!'

Someone else wrote: 'When a few succeeded, you mean, it's against all odds. But not when half of us succeed, there is nothing one can do to prevent it. When the blacks will realize that if I succeed and allow my sisters and brothers the opportunity for the same, we become a force that none can disband.'

Porsha  shared a message addressing  Vanessa Guillen and her family. Her fans really appreciated that Porsha brought up this subject.

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