Porsha Williams Desperately Shares One Of Her Problems With Fans, Asking For Help

Porsha Williams Desperately Shares One Of Her Problems With Fans, Asking For Help
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Porsha Williams has a really unpleasant issue. She posted about this on her daughter PJ's social media account, and in her post, she also explains the reasons for which she shares this on Pilar's IG. Check out her post here:

'Ok sooo I had to hack Pj’s page because I know a lot of amazing mommies follow her! So HELP ME ! My edges have fallen out after childbirth! I heard it would happen but I didn’t think it would have snatched mine😩😩😰 What can I do to get them back guys?? I need real mommy tips . And how did y’all wear y’all hair until they came back? 😥' Porsha captioned her video.

People were really kind and they hopped in the comments and offered her advice.

Someone said: 'Use Jamaica Black castor oil rub it in a little in the morning and more at night. It worked great for me.'

Another follower posted: 'Hey beautiful, pure castor oil on ur edges gets the job done. Nothing else. I’m a mommy of five. 😉❤️'

One commenter wrote: 'Postpartum hairloss is inevitable and some ladies have it worse than others. However, it can be controlled to a certain degree by continue to take your prenatal vitamins, hairfood oil from the $ dollar store works and eat healthy rich foods.'

Someone else told Porsha 'I heard Strengthening Hair Oil with Castor Oil helps, my mom has been using the one that is 99% natural. She’s an older woman but she has always has an issue with her hair and this is working great!'

Someone brought up Kenya Moore and told Porsha: 'Now that y’all are friends @porsha4real ask @thekenyamoore if this happened to her and what did she do? She has beautiful hair and a haircare line.'

A fan posted: '@porsha4real Soak handful of white rice, drain the rice, in a bottle combine the rice water, castor oil, leave-in conditioner of your choice. Mix well, pray into scalp daily and restore your edges...😘😘😘'

Do you know any solutions that Porsha could use?

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