Porsha Williams Announces The New RHOA Season - See The Video

Porsha Williams Announces The New RHOA Season - See The Video
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Porsha Williams shared a message that made her fans extremely happy. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account below.

'Ready for more #RHOA? Return to Atlanta for a new season in TWO WEEKS on December 6!' Phaedra captioned her post.

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Someone else said: 'Porsha’s PUTTING IN WORK! 👏🏻Meanwhile, this other one is being messy and starting unnecessary drama.'

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Another follower posted this: 'We really not. We only wanna see you, but I’m not watching without nene. Love you tho girlie.'

A commenter posted this message: 'The only reason I’m watching because of you PORSHA4Real.'

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Another follower said: 'I'm not going to watch this season because I heard promiscuous sinful activities were happening in this season and Covid-19 was sent by God to punish promiscuity.'

Someone else posted this message: 'I’m not watching anymore 🤷🏾‍♀️ .. Kenya face looking like cottage cheese,' and one other follower posted this: 'Porsha gonna be carrying the show cos everyone else left boring af.'

A fan said: 'I love you P but I can not watch the show any more. Love you moving on,' and someone else posted this message: 'Porsha put on for my hometown!!! #thankful #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #blm.'

A commenter wrote: 'I love you Porsha but u alone can't carry the season and this season looks boring.'

Someone else posted: 'Porsha u the only one y I might watch this season, but yo other cast mates is a noooooo for me this season gone b bring y’all need nene n Phaedra back period cause RHOP🌸then passed y’all up and RHOA🍑 was my #1 first black housewife’s show on bravo now think I’m done with bravo it’s time to move to💯💯'


Porsha Williams  shared advice for her fans on social media about love. Check out the post that she shared on IG.

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  • Kim
    Kim Nov 22, 2020 6:37 PM PST

    An Activist for SHOW by day & a FREAK by night!!!

  • Mz, B
    Mz, B Nov 22, 2020 5:24 PM PST

    Well, Well, looks like Ms. Porsha gone be the only one on the show that would really give anyone a reason to watch RHOA! But I'm gone pass because Bravo sucks for taking NeNe off, at least she had a real storyline. These other ladies, kandi, cynthia, and UGLY crater face Kenya, talking about someone mistaken her for Beyonce, Girl Bye, definitely Bye Felicia, shes on drugs, it's time for all them to go, to the left with all that Tom foolery, and no storylines, you're BORING as hell, and that new Drew girl, just the snip they did of her part, says shes boring and dobt have nothing new to bring to the table. Sorry Porsche love you dearly babygirl, but WILL NOT BE WATCHING ANYMORE!!! Especially without Ne-Ne and now Tanya who is too classy for them other girls. It's a shame that Bravo, pits black women against each other in the harshest way, and then when they dont Bow, they whisk them off like they putting out the garbage. I don't like that or Andy Cohens messy self. I'm personally sick of Bravo doing our people like that and getting richer in the process. Bye Bravo.

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