Pierce Brosnan Says It's Time For A Female James Bond

Pierce Brosnan Says It's Time For A Female James Bond
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According to a report from MovieWeb, Pierce Brosnan, who once portrayed the iconic James Bond character, stated that he was ready to see a female take on the role. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the outlet states that when Pierce was asked about the future of the character, he said it was time for a change.

Despite the fact, the James Bond movies are still breaking the bank at the box office, some people in the entertainment and media industry believe that the James Bond character is a symbolism of the past, a "relic of a bygone era."

Murmurs among critics and other movie analysts hint at the need for some kind of a modernized version of the character. While Brosnan agrees with the idea of changing the nature of the character and the film series, he doubts that we'll ever see a female version of 007.

Brosnan supposedly laid the blame on producers for rejecting the idea of making a Bond movie with a female lead. For instance, last year, Barbara Broccoli stated that there would never be a female James Bond.

The producer said, and quite definitively, that James Bond is a male character, and was written to be as such. There's no headroom for interpretation of the character because James Bond is James Bond.

Brosnan, in the same interview with THR, stated that on account of the current culture, especially after the #MeToo movement, the franchise needs to change. However, the fans seem to think different, considering they almost always take to the box office upon the release of a new James Bond movie.

When it was insinuated that Lashana Lynch would take the 007 number in the next movie, No Time To Die , social media users weren't thrilled with the idea.

Although, one could argue there was a similar reception to a Blonde blue-eyed man, Daniel Craig, taking on the role, rather than a man with dark hair and dark eyes.

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