Philadelphia District Attorney Orders A New Judge To Oversee Meek Mill's Trial

Philadelphia District Attorney Orders A New Judge To Oversee Meek Mill's Trial
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According to a report from, Meek Mill hasn't been doing the greatest in court with Judge Genece Brinkley dealing with the rapper's case, and the district attorney of Philadelphia said he should be getting a brand new trial, without her on the bench.

The District Attorney's Office filed new court documents recently in which they said that it was clear there was bias on the part of Judge Brinkley in Meek Mill's case. The DA is asking for a different judge to oversee a brand new trial, following Meek Mill's incarceration for violating his probation multiple times.

As it was previously reported, Meek Mill was given a 2 to 4-year sentence but he was released in April 2018. Following his exit from prison, Meek got on a helicopter with the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Rubin, and there was a brief movement afterward for criminal justice reform.

Last June, he was given the appeal and asked for a new trial, however, Judge Brinkley shot him down and said that he wouldn't get a retrial, for whatever reason.

Documents obtained by the organization claim the judge even went to the place where Meek Mill was doing community service as a part of his sentence. The DA used this example to justify their claim there was a clear bias against him.

The District Attorney said visiting a convict at his place of work isn't what they're supposed to do; that is a probation officer's job. Moreover, it was alleged by the DA of Philadelphia that the judge was abusing her discretion by giving Meek Mill a 2 to 4-year sentence for violating his probation.

Moreover, the DA claims Meek isn't a threat to the community at all, and he should be given a chance to thrive in society, which he already is as a very successful rapper.

Meek Mill was booked by the police for driving his motorcycle too fast on the highway while on probation. Initially, he was busted on a drugs and weapon charge as a much younger man.

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