Phaedra Parks Tells Her Fans To Use Their Power Wisely - Fans Says She's In Goddess Mode

Phaedra Parks Tells Her Fans To Use Their Power Wisely - Fans Says She's In Goddess Mode
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Phaedra Parks shared a message on her social media account that has some of her fans laughing. Check out her post below and you'll see what's so funny.

'Use your #power wisely this week avoid #entanglement and check out my new t-shirts on 💕' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'My life is back with you on Marriage Bootcamp!' and another follower posted this message: 'OKAY now Phae.. Phae coming with the message.'

A follower posted this: 'My entanglement in my dreams, that’s what you are♥️' and someone else said: 'Yesss sis. I love it. That Scorpio bottom half will get em every time. Can't give it to everybody cause it'll put a stalker on your tail. Love you girl.'

One other follower wrote: 'Wayment Sis... I thought you said it was the holy grail! Make one that says that,' and someone else said: 'Yasssss slay queen!!! Hope you and the family are well...'

A fan wrote: 'Yeassss my Scorpio sister @phaedraparks that t-shirt is a must-have!' and someone else told Phaedra: 'Ask and Wisdom shall be given liberally. All we have to do is just ASK @phaedraparks.'

An Instagrammer said: 'Always in goddess mode!!! Stay graceful love @phaedraparks.'

In other news, Phaedra's’  latest video made her fans laugh like there’s no tomorrow in the comments

A lot of fans asked her back on RHOA . People have been telling her that they’d like to see her back on the show, and they would be the happiest if this happened.

Phaedra has been living her best life together with her family these days and she made sure to keep her fans updated on her social media account.

People love to see her well and happy and they always flood her comments section with love and kind thoughts for herself and her two boys as well.

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