Phaedra Parks' Latest Video Has Fans Laughing

Phaedra Parks' Latest Video Has Fans Laughing
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Phaedra Parks' latest video made her fans laugh like there's no tomorrow in the comments. Check out her post below.

'The #internet is unmatched‼️ Get away from me this 🤣😭😂 thanks @porsha4real for sharing 🤣 #wordoftheday #entanglement,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I like the way u explained that sis! @phaedraparks,' and another commenter posted this: 'This is why you are the mvp because you can take a joke BUT will read someone down in a calm, cool, collected voice. I love that you are back on TV.'

One follower said: 'COVID snatched all my opportunities to get #entangled but I digress,' and another person posted this: 'You will hurt somebody with that finger.. lol. Glad to see back Tv. I Respect your way of expanding your enterprise. Salute.'

Another follower said: 'Everyone’s acting like it’s hard to understand. They separated and she dated someone else. She and her husband worked it out.'

A commenter posted this: 'Aye @phaedraparks Why did I laugh SO damn hard. Girl you know you're good and crazy for this.'

Someone else said: 'Yessssssssss!!! Love it Southern Belle @phaedraparks me and my friends still use this one to this day!'

In other news, made her fans laugh like there’s no tomorrow on her social media account after they saw one of the recent pics that she shared online. You should  check out the photo .

Also, a lot of fans  asked her back on RHOA . People have been telling her that they’d like to see her back on the show, and they would be the happiest if this happened.

Phaedra has been living her best life together with her family these days and she made sure to keep her fans updated on her social media account.

People are showering her with love and positive thoughts in the comments.

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