Phaedra Parks Fans Are Laughing At Her Boyfriend Tone Kapone After He Posted This Valentine's Day Message

Phaedra Parks Fans Are Laughing At Her Boyfriend Tone Kapone After He Posted This Valentine's Day Message
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As it turns out, Phaedra Parks is a dating a man, who loves to make people laugh, willingly or unwillingly.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who had a wonderful Valentine's Day with her new beau, Tone Kapone, posted a sweet video where they are all booed up at the NBA All-Star Game.

The former wife of Apollo Nida said she never knew she would be that happy and in love again.

She stated: "I never thought I would smile like this again. Thank you @tonekapone33 for making everyday special. I can’t imagine life without us❣️#OneLastDance #Allstar."

Tone appeared in a cute clip where he called Phaedra his wife and said “Valentimes,” that made many people laugh.

One fan said: "It sounds like he said “Valentimes” 🧐...but he still fionneeee okurrrt Phaedra hunnyyy. I think he is super cute. I don't know much about him, But I am sure he is better than Apollo. Sickness and health is one thing BUT I would never stay with someone who goes to prison! If you go to Prison, you no longer have a wife as far as I am concerned. But I am happy for you Phaedra, and you’re worthy of all the love and happiness that he give to complete you ... Love and miss you on the show. ♥️💜"

Another follower claimed: "So happy for you both! Keep loving each other! And don’t worry about the naysayers! Live! Love! Laugh! EVERYBODY get all boo'd up...and I'm just over here waiting on my taxes😥😥 lol...I'm here for everything. Glad he brought the spark 😅😘"

This third person shared: "So happy for you. I like the fact that with all you had to go through you still Stood firm. The fact that you were not alone to Stand alone even without friends says so much of a strong and admirable character you are. A real role model for the younger generation. A strong force to reckon with. When you wait, you get the best of the lot — wishing you great happiness and more blessings to you and your lovely sons."

In a recent interview, the attorney said she would love to marry with the 38-year-old radio host: “I’m not rushing into that you know, but I’m very fond of him, and we adore each other … [He’s] a great guy. He’s super supportive. He’s everything I’ve prayed for and more.”

Phaedra is definitely in a new chapter of her life.

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  • Missy
    Missy Feb 15, 2020 6:27 PM PST

    You are an amazing mother person inspiration to us black mother's...wishing you peace and happiness because you deserve you shade ASSASSIN

  • Lee
    Lee Dec 21, 2019 2:57 PM PST

    Phaedra did some things that should not have been done. Let Jehovah judge her.

  • Benetia Y.
    Benetia Y. Feb 20, 2019 12:58 PM PST

    Hello World, Phaedra Parks,has lived a "Biblical Pricipals " lifestyle. She deserves to love Again. I'm praying she returns to ATL Housewives. With this statement,GOD has no shortage on real men. God will give the desires of your heart. In the mean time,get out of debt,and prepare yourself everyday as Wife material. Keep the faith,your next in line for True Happiness Ladies. Love You All Benetia Y.

  • David
    David Feb 19, 2019 2:45 PM PST

    I wish you all the happiness phaedra.. you are so deserving of it.

  • China Williams
    China Williams Feb 19, 2019 6:53 AM PST

    I am so happy for you!! You look amazing an every good woman deserves a good man.. Slay😘😘

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