Phaedra Parks Celebrated And Honored The Ancestors Who Fought For Freedom

Phaedra Parks Celebrated And Honored The Ancestors Who Fought For Freedom
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Phaedra Parks celebrated Juneteenth and she also made sure to mark this important event on her social media account as well. Check out her the amazing video that she posted.

'Juneteenth Today on this #Juneteenth we #celebrate and #honor the #ancestors that fought for our #freedom. Thank you #JoshuaOnDrums for spreading your gift and using your #voice to make #change #Juneteenth #blm #blacklivesmatter,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is so powerful! How anyone could possibly look at this beautiful boy one day and consider him a threat still blows my mind. Our children matter! Our people matter!'

A follower posted this: 'Happy Juneteenth to all our wonderful black people and this little one is awesome.'

Someone else said: 'Phaedra, you’re amazing in every way you beautiful diamond,' and another follower posted: 'I ❤️ it and you! You the definition of Southern Belle @phaedraparks.'

One other commenter wrote: 'and I am soooo proud that as a black woman with extreme influence and are using your platform to the fullest extent!!! We appreciate you huh!!!! Real Talk.'

A follower told Phaedra: 'That's my sister right there and I love her with every breath. @phaedraparks,' and someone else said: 'Have you ever thought about running for office in Georgia?? @phaedraparks . I think you should?'

Other than this, following George Floyd’s death, Phaedra made sure to address another crime that took place recently, and it involved a black man as well.

‘Yes another #, another unarmed #blackman #murdered by the #police #RIP #RayshardBrooks I am speechless 🥺 #BLM hopefully #blacklivesmatter soon #imtired 😢✊🏾’ Phaedra captioned her post.

In other news, it's also worth noting that Phaedra is another celebrity who  accepted the challenge of flaunting her pride to be a black woman.

Fans appreciated the fact that she flaunted her pride on social media.

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