Toya Johnson Celebrated Juneteenth In A Special Way

Toya Johnson Celebrated Juneteenth In A Special Way
Credit: Atlanta Black Star

Toya Johnson celebrated Juneteenth in a special way and she made sure to mark the event on her social media account as well. Check out her post below.

'We want to celebrate today in a special way! Purchase this weekend and receive our limited edition BBH bag. Happy Juneteenth!! 💕while supplies last, limit one per guest. #beforebedheadz #blackownedbusiness #bonnetbling,' Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I just ordered that one the granny looking wanna is so cute,' and another follower posted this: 'WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EDGE CONTROL???? I’ve been looking for it for years and commenting on your posts. It was the best EDGE CONTROL I EVER USED!! @toyajohnson @toyajohnson 🗣 @toyajohnson.'

Toya also shared a video of some really nice fireworks from the celebration and you can see it below.

Someone else said: 'I was just saying I don’t see anybody popping fireworks for us though,' and someone else exclaimed: 'That’s right! Fireworks for Juneteenth!'

Another commenter wrote: 'I know our ancestors looking down smiling saying to themselves continue to fight for what's right #PERIOD Rip Fly High Kings & Queens!'

Someone else exclaimed: 'Beautiful!!!! And I can smell the fireworks through the phone!!!! Lol!'

One other follower said: 'Yaaayyyyyyy!!! My neighbor was upset because there were fireworks last night. She said I've never heard so many fireworks in the month of June.'

Just recently, Toya shared a couple of new pics that have fans saying that she has a perfect body. You should definitely make sure to check out the photos in which Toya is putting her best assets on display .

‘I was just minding my business trying to take a picture, and this little cutie walked outside. lol Reign: mommy take my picture #ilovethiskid,’ Toya captioned her post.

Other than this, Toya and Robert Rushing have been working out in their gorgeous balcony , and fans were in love with the location.

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