Paris Jackson Out Of Rehab And 'Losing It' Over The Latest Michael Jackson Documentary Leaving Neverland

Paris Jackson Out Of Rehab And 'Losing It' Over The Latest Michael Jackson Documentary Leaving Neverland
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Paris Jackson is out of rehab after receiving treatment for mental and emotional health issues , and she is reportedly making progress. But, the 20-year-old is still dealing with some major stress thanks to the release of the new documentary Leaving Neverland.

  The film addressed many of the sexual assault allegations against her late father, pop icon Michael Jackson. It was how the movie focused on two specific cases that is causing Paris to break down because it left little doubt about her dad’s guilt.

Paris has refused to watch the documentary. But, just like the rest of the Jackson family, she has condemned the movie and has always maintained Michael’s innocence.

"Paris is furious right now over the documentary, and she wants heads to roll over this," an insider recently told Radar Online . "The graphic nature of this film and how her father is portrayed is making her lose her sh-t, and she is threatening lawsuits."

The source says that Paris’ family has told her to distance herself from the movie and not speak publicly about it, but it has sent her “over the edge” and she doesn’t want to stay out of it.

The biggest worry is that Paris will post something harsh about the movie on social media, and the possible backlash could send her into a “downward spiral.”

Paris is reportedly getting a ton of support from her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, who has been by her side during this tough time.

Leaving Neverland is a four-hour documentary that premiered last week at the Sundance Film Festival. It focuses on the stories of two accusers - Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

It doesn’t have a distribution deal yet, so it hasn’t seen a wide release. But, the reaction from the few festival attendees that have seen the flick indicates there could be some damaging new information that could tarnish Michael Jackson’s legacy.

“Spoiler alert: Michael Jackson 100% sexually abused a lot of children,” IndieWire’s David Ehrlich wrote in a tweet. And, Benjamin Lee wrote in his review of the movie for The Guardian that it only takes two minutes into the 4-hour documentary for people to realize that Michael’s legacy will never be the same.

The Jackson estate has issued a statement about the movie that was published on Rolling Stone’s website. The family wrote that Michael had to endure tabloid character assassination when he was alive, and now in death.

They continued by saying that the allegations are uncorroborated, but the movie presents them as facts and the truth is on their side. Paris Jackson and the rest of her famous family say they are furious with the media because they don’t have a “shred of proof” or evidence, and instead chose to listen to “two admitted liars.”

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