Outlander Star Sam Heughan On What The Season 4 Finale Means For Season 5

Outlander Star Sam Heughan On What The Season 4 Finale Means For Season 5
Credit: Source: Starz

Outlander ended Season 4 with a big cliffhanger, forcing Jamie (Sam Heughan) into some serious decisions in Season 5. In the installment's final scene, Governor Tryon sends Jamie an order to capture and kill his godfather, Murtagh, because of his connections with the rebellion.

The shocking ending wraps up what has been a transformative season for Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe). The couple began the season building a home for their family in North Carolina. But things quickly fell apart after Jamie realized Murtagh's political affiliations put him at odds with Governor Tryon.

Not to mention that Claire is able to tell Jamie that they could be on the correct side of the American revolution, unlike the Scottish one.

Brianna's (Sophie Skelton) appearance also threw a hitch in Jamie and Claire's plans. Not only did she arrive with news of her parent's future deaths, but she also went through a traumatic experience when she was raped by Stephen Bonnet. Not to mention that she lost her significant other, Roger (Richard Rankin), in a case of miscommunication.

Roger and Brianna eventually reunited, but there is still a lot of trauma they both need to overcome.

Although things settled down towards the end of the finale, Tryon's letter set up a tricky situation for Jamie moving forward. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Heughan shared his thoughts on what Season 5 holds for Jamie and how he is going to deal with the coming storm.

"It's going to be tough. This is not the first time they've dealt with these things. And at first, Jamie thinks he can play it. He can play with fate and play with history, maybe to his detriment," Heughan explained.

While it sounds like Jamie has a lot of work ahead of him, Heughan is positive he will be able to figure things out. After all, Jamie learned how to play the political game in Season 2, and he can use those skills to keep Governor Tryon satisfied and Murtagh alive at the same time.

Heughan, meanwhile, added that he and Balfe hope to be more involved in future seasons, especially when it comes to character development. It is unclear what the Outlander stars have planned, but Sam Heughan did reveal that they are in talks with Sony and Starz about being more involved in production.

Starz has not announced when the new season of Outlander will premiere.


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