Olivia Jade - Here's How She Reacted To Wendy Williams Calling Her 'Privileged And Stupid' In Harsh Diss

Olivia Jade - Here's How She Reacted To Wendy Williams Calling Her 'Privileged And Stupid' In Harsh Diss
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The show host held nothing back when she slammed Olivia Jade for returning to her YouTube channel nine months after her family’s college entrance cheating scandal. Wendy Williams went as far as to call the 20-year-old social media influencer ‘privileged’ and ‘stupid!’

Now, one insider claims to know how Olivia Jade feels about Wendy’s very harsh words.

Obviously, the talk show host thought she came back to her platform way too fast but despite the ‘hurtful’ shade, the insider tells HollywoodLife that Olivia is not planning on leaving YouTube.

‘The things Wendy Williams said are hurtful. Olivia is upset. But quitting YouTube isn't an option because making videos is her passion; it is what makes her happy so giving it up is much worse than just facing all the hate. It is still very scary for her though, that is why she kept her video short and she has no exact timeline of when she's going to post again,’ the source dished.

They went on to explain that ‘This first video was a way for Jade to face her fear. It is something she thinks about almost non stop and the longer she avoids it the scarier it gets so she decided to just jump in and do something. Jade has seen the comments people have made against her online and, as hard as it is to accept, she really isn’t all that surprised.’

That’s right! It makes sense that Wendy is not the only one criticizing her online so she might not be paying attention to the host that much since the hate has been coming from all angles.

After all, Olivia Jade was brave enough not to disable her comments under the latest video she posted so, a lot of nasty messages were bound to appear.

But after all that she’s been through this year, the insider stressed that the influencer has managed to get thicker skin.

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