Noah Cyrus Tearfully Reflects On What It Was Like To Grow Up In Miley's Shadow

Noah Cyrus Tearfully Reflects On What It Was Like To Grow Up In Miley's Shadow
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Noah Cyrus' new EP, The End Of Everything , explores a very personal side of her journey growing up in her older sister's shadow. According to People Magazine, the star's new record explores her struggle at length.

The single released on Friday features lyrics from the young singer in which she blatantly states that she felt as if she was "born to rain clouds" in comparison to her sister who appeared to bring sunshine everywhere she went.

While the lyric doesn't need much explanation, the 20-year-old took to her Instagram Live on Saturday to explain what it meant to her exactly. According to Noah, she was teased a lot as a child for being the younger sister of the internationally renowned pop star.

Noah said that she felt as though her opinions and experience in the world didn't matter to people, especially when those very same individuals told her how they felt about her online. "It was absolutely unbearable," the singer-songwriter remarked.

That's why she included the line which suggested she would always be in her older sister's shadow - because she genuinely felt that way. Perhaps the hardest part of her journey, Noah explained, was finally coming to realize that she could get out from underneath her older sister's shadow.

Additionally, Noah shared how personal and hard the song was for her to perform because it's so close to her heart. It was a challenging experience for her to work through.

These days, Noah has managed to make her own name in the music industry, whereas Miley, 27, has had her fair shares of victories and losses. With that said, Miley has always been protective of her much younger sister.

When she appeared on Elvis Duran's podcast, Label Defiers , Miley shared that she hoped her little sister wouldn't be held back by her career. She hoped out loud that her sister would always manage to be true to herself no matter what.

Miley explained that the entertainment industry can make people "guarded" and cynical, and that's the last thing she wants for Noah, who is 7 years her junior. The singer-songwriter also shared some of her advice, including never to Google oneself and to keep the Instagram comments turned off.

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