Noah Cyrus - Here's How She Reacted To Her Ex Having A Baby Just Months After Their Split!

Noah Cyrus - Here's How She Reacted To Her Ex Having A Baby Just Months After Their Split!
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Just five months after his very messy and public split from Noah Cyrus, rapper Lil Xan announced that he's going to be a father as his girlfriend of three months Annie Smith is already pregnant! But how does his ex feel about this?

Just yesterday, Xan took to social media to share the big news with his followers and as you can imagine, a lot of people were shocked to hear that he is becoming a father so soon into his relationship with Annie.

The 22-year-old star’s message reads in part: ‘It’s official i'm going to be a father. I have never felt more happy in my life.  all of you are invited to our gender reveal party! Can't wait to show the world everything i’ have been working on at youtube space and my official album BE SAFE and to my baby my angel my sunshine @anniiesmith i love you with all my heart. thank you for saving me.’

As for how Noah reacted to the news, one source tells Us Weekly that she ‘found out almost right after he posted. A few of her pals texted her and she was surprised, but doesn’t feel hurt. While this may sting a little bit, as it would with any breakup, she's completely over him and she has moved past that part of her life.’

That is great to hear! It would definitely be a really hard hit emotionally is she was still in love with the rapper.

Lil Xan and Annie have not been wasting any time!

Sources previously also told HollywoodLife that they were talking about tying the knot back in December!

And now that they are about to become parents, it is safe to say that their whirlwind romance will only get stronger faster!

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