Nipsey Hussle's Fans Receive Some Disappointing News After A Photo Of The Mural Honoring Him In 'All American' TV Show Goes Viral

Nipsey Hussle's Fans Receive Some Disappointing News After A Photo Of The Mural Honoring Him In 'All American' TV Show Goes Viral
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The season premiere of All American featured an emotional tribute to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, with a massive mural in his memory that was showcased in the episode.

The mural looked impressive against the sunny, colorful backdrop, and the clip also had "Blue Laces 2" playing as a background theme.

Many have taken the opportunity to talk about the tragic incident that took the rapper's life, and it is evident that many are still reeling in from his loss.

And while some of Nipsey's fans were hopeful of getting a chance to check out the mural for themselves-- they have received some disappointing news.

It will not be possible to see the mural, as it has been confirmed that the drawing has been taken down after the show's filming had concluded.

It was still immortalized in the latest episode of the CW show, however, so any fan interested in seeing the piece should check out All American and its season premiere.

Some of the rapper's supporters have brought up the suggestion that an identical mural should be put up in his memory in that, and this notion seems to be enjoying a lot of support so far.

However, it's is not clear where the piece should be put up or who should be responsible for it, although various suggestions have been brought up already.

And it is not like the community of Nipsey's fans is short on any creative talents that would be up for the job either, as many people have already expressed an interest in participating in something like this to honor Lauren London's life partner.

Meanwhile, Nipseys good friend The Game took to social media to remember him with a beautiful message that read: "Do you know how small the chances of you being born into this world were? Have you ever researched the process of birth from the beginning stage to fully understand how lucky you are to be alive? If so, why are most of us the way we are? Non-appreciative of the small but so important things in life. Waking up to see another day for one. Being able to walk, run, eat, laugh, love, & make decisions that could better yourself & those around you instantly if you chose to. Most of us don't fully take advantage of our days, making the best of them because we allow too much room for error, complaining, being lazy & not wanting to take the initiative... Then as soon as someone else does what we thought we should've, we despise, hate & envy them.. & for what ??? Because they made the conscious decision to better themselves? Does that even make sense ?? C'mon, talk to me !!! Does it ??? I'm asking you, a matter of fact. I'm begging you to take advantage of your life & the things you've been afforded from birth. No, not everyone is born into situations where it is all so easy... but should that cripple you or be an excuse for you to hold yourself back ?? F*ck no !!! Understand this, if you want anything in life.. it is so damn achievable. Trust me, I been where you're at & I have personally made it through what you're going through. All of it !!!! We are surrounded by the tools necessary for our own self-growth. Start from the inside. Have a conversation with yourself & shortly after that, get the f*ck up & MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN !!!"

The late activist has left an important mark.

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