Nikki Bella’s Loved Ones Happy She And John Cena Split - They Love Her New Boyfriend!

Nikki Bella’s Loved Ones Happy She And John Cena Split - They Love Her New Boyfriend!
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It turns out that Nikki Bella’s loved ones are actually pretty happy she and John Cena are over since her new man, Artem Chigvintsev, has been making her really happy. One source tells HollywoodLife that her family thinks they have ‘great chemistry!’

Almost a year ago, Nikki and John put an end to their six years long relationship, just weeks before the wedding!

It was a shocking turn of events for everyone involved but it looks like she has no regrets and her loved ones feel like she made the right decision as well!

Nikki took some time to focus on herself and on healing, before finding love again with Dancing With The Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsev.

The insider told the news outlet that her family is ‘honestly surprised at how quickly she was able to do so. When the breakup first happened, Nikki was so heartbroken. Her family worried that she would need a long time to fully move on, but Artem really put his best foot forward in trying to win Nikki’s heart and she’s very smitten.’

They added that they have great chemistry and, while the relationship is still new, Artem has been putting some real effort into keeping Nikki in his life.

As fans remember, one of the main reasons why they split was that Nikki really wants to be a mom while John did not want kids.

When he lost her, it seems like John actually changed his mind, but it was too late!

‘Nikki really wants kids and her family had to constantly remind her that she couldn’t be with someone who didn’t want what she wanted. She is not going to settle. She’d like to settle down and have a family sooner than later,’ the source also stated.

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