John Cena Was Rated By James Gunn As One Of The Best Collaborators

John Cena Was Rated By James Gunn As One Of The Best Collaborators
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Over the weekend, the 56-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker responded to fan inquiries on Twitter about his creative process. During the discussion, someone raised the question of how Gunn would react to an actor who isn't exercising.

Do you speak to the actor and give us the opportunity or two if, as a director, they aren't working out for a range of factors (their method, attitude, lack of rapport, etc.)? Or do you quickly trigger recasting? he posted on Twitter.

I'll quickly recast if I think it's their attitude and it's severe, Gunn said. For a, life is too short. Likewise, if they are regularly really late—which I detest—or unprepared.

However, if the issue is success and the actors are giving it their all, Gunn proceeded in a resulting tweet, "But if it's performance-related, & they're giving it their all, I'll do it all on my edge to ensure it perform until it's totally clear the success of the work will be perceptibly hurt if we don't recast." Really great performers who don't fit the part may experience this.

In relation to the subject, a fan questioned Gunn on how he learns that some performers are "a———-. The fan posed the question, "Do you examine them for your films, but then you learn through other filmmakers that it is not beneficial to work with them, or do you encounter them at multiple activities?

"With directors, actors, producers, and crew members, I believe I always conduct background checks on performers and production chiefs.

If it turns out they're reckless or bullies (not just grumpy or curmudgeonly, but true bullies), I don't employ them, he said. I already know certain actors I would never even think about.

Gunn shared one actor who he believes does not fit this description, even though he did not name any of them: John Cena .


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