Nikki And Brie Bella Talk Being Pregnant And In Quarantine Together - 'Haven't Fought Yet!'

Nikki And Brie Bella Talk Being Pregnant And In Quarantine Together - 'Haven't Fought Yet!'
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The pregnant twins have been spending pretty much all their time together while waiting to give birth, due to the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic. But even though they are in quarantine with one another during a delicate and quite hormonal time in their lives, the Bella sisters are yet to have an argument.

It sounds like Nikki and Brie Bella have an amazing relationship that cannot be ruined by anything – even by the possible frustration of having to share the same space all the time!

During an interview for The Talk, they opened up about their unique situation, not only being pregnant at the same time but also being in self-isolation together during a scary global pandemic.

Obviously, they have had some ups and downs but overall, Nikki and Brie stressed that they have really been enjoying the time together

‘It’s been tough. I mean, I’m lucky because we are our next door neighbors. We literally have no property line, so having each other’s company, support and staying positive helps, but it’s a time when everything's so uncertain,’ Brie shared with the show’s host.

She went on to say that most evenings, she and her sister cook together and also meet up in the mornings to have coffee.

Nikki joked that ‘We haven’t fought yet. We are wine partners in crime, in a way. We do not drink right now, but we enjoy each other’s company.’

Nikki has her fiancé and baby daddy Artem Chigvintsev with her as well but the same cannot be said about Brie’s husband.

WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan has actually been in Orlando for about a week so when he returns, he will not be allowed to get in the proximity of his wife and daughter, Birdie for about two weeks – that is if his test comes back negative!

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