Nick Viall Shares His Thoughts On Ex Vanessa Grimaldi Moving On With Someone Else

Nick Viall Shares His Thoughts On Ex Vanessa Grimaldi Moving On With Someone Else
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Nick Viall’s former fiancée, Vanessa Grimaldi has moved on with someone else since they put an end to their relationship and now, The Bachelor star revealed his true feelings on her dating a new man! While at M.I.’s Westside Comedy Theater, Nick chatted with HollywoodLife and when asked about it, the man made it very clear that he thinks it’s nothing short of ’awesome’ that Vanessa has found love again.

As you may know, the two split back in August of 2017.

At this time, Vanessa is dating businessman Josh Wolfe, and Nick is aware of it.

While at the live taping for his podcast, ‘The Viall Files,’ the reality TV celeb shared his thoughts on her new dating life and even on how he’d react to Vanessa and Josh tying the knot. Would Nick have any regrets?

‘I assume that she will get married to someone else someday, I hope she does!’ he replied.

Furthermore, he also opened up about his own love life, saying that he has been dating and is ‘open to meeting someone, it just hasn’t happened yet.’

As for whether or not he would like to settle down, he made it clear that he certainly would but ‘It’s all a matter of meeting the right person.’

Meanwhile, Nick was accused of ‘mansplaining’ when he gave ex-contestant Demi Burnett advice on how to deal with the Bachelor stardom.

He addressed the backlash, saying that ‘I thought that it was interesting and Demi is actually going to stop by tonight [at the live taping]. She is a good friend. Part of my podcast is just to share my perspective but to also learn from other people, from my audience, and from all the guests I have. I thought it was a good experience.’


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