New Jane Austen Series Sanditon Coming To PBS Masterpiece In January

New Jane Austen Series Sanditon Coming To PBS Masterpiece In January
Credit: Source: Simon Ridgway/© Red Planet Pictures / ITV 2019

Jane Austen fans are in luck as PBS' Masterpiece is bringing to life the unfinished novel Sanditon . Austen was working on the novel and had completed 11 chapters before passing away on July 18, 1817, from Hodgkins Lymphoma. Welsh writer Andrew Davies brings his expertise to the series and completed the story that will now air in a new series beginning Sunday, January 12, 2020, at 9 p.m. on PBS (check your local listings). The series stars Rose Williams as the heroine Charlotte Heywood and Theo James as Sidney.

Fans are thrilled to see the character Charlotte Heywood come to television though fan boards have held a discussion debating the hairstyles worn in the show. Some are adamant that the hairstyles aren't accurate but others say it isn't a matter of importance. The storyline is what is drawing praise and for those who are fans of Austen's work, such as Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility , just having Sanditon completed and the characters brought to life is a thrilling feat.

With only eight episodes in the series, some say that they wish it was longer.

Masterpiece provided an introduction to the various characters. You may see that below.

Austen is known for creating strong, witty, and remarkable female heroines and Charlotte Heywood is no exception. Charlotte visits Sanditon and stays with the family of Tom Parker. While in Sanditon, Charlotte assists as the town tries to transform into a seaside resort and of course, there are colorful characters who will feature in the series.

She meets many characters and Charlotte's strong character endears her to many except for Sidney. As with many Austen tales, romance is underway and those who want to find out what is in store for Charlotte and Sidney will have to tune in.

You may see a preview of Sanditon, released by PBS Masterpiece in the video player below.

Charlotte Heywood promises to be one of the most beloved and endearing characters in Jane Austen's body of work. To get a new heroine after over 200 years since Austen's death is a gift many never expected they'd receive.

Are you looking forward to seeing Sanditon when it premieres on PBS Masterpiece?


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