Nev Schulman Insinuates Ariana Grande Might Co-Host Catfish Someday

Nev Schulman Insinuates Ariana Grande Might Co-Host Catfish Someday
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According to a report from, Nev Schulman and Ariana Grande may have an upcoming collaboration on the way following a photo she posted on social media. This comes one day after the outlet claimed there was a possibility they would be working together someday in the future.

Nev Schulman said recently he was flattered to have a fan of the show who also happens to be one of the biggest stars in the game right now. Moreover, the possibility of her coming to the set of Catfish is a massive bonus.

When TMZ approached him at the Los Angeles Airport recently and asked if there was a celebrity wishlist for co-hosting duties, Nev said he's a big "fanboy" of the singer, despite the fact he was doing his best to "play it cool" when he reached out to her on the 'Gram.

Last year, Max Joseph, his former co-host, announced he would be leaving the show so he could pursue filmmaking as his primary profession.

Nev Schulman has managed to brush off other more insidious allegations in the last few years after he was accused of sexually harassing a woman he worked with during an early season of Catfish.

Reportedly, Nev made inappropriate jokes to a female participant on the show. This came out around the same time as the other #MeToo allegations, however, they seemed to disappear.

This is in stark contrast to Ariana Grande's disposition in the movement; as most know, she's a strong supporter of female empowerment as well. Last year, during a performance at the Aretha Franklin memorial, a Catholic priest grabbed her by the side, sparking massive condemnation on social media.

Later, the priest had to apologize for touching her inappropriately. Ariana reportedly took to her social media afterward to say that she didn't like being touched, but didn't want to make the event about her, so she chose to remain silent.


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