NeNe Leakes Makes Her Fans Happy Posing With Gregg Leakes - People Love To See Them Together And Gregg Doing Better Amidst The Battle With Cancer

NeNe Leakes Makes Her Fans Happy Posing With Gregg Leakes - People Love To See Them Together And Gregg Doing Better Amidst The Battle With Cancer
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NeNe Leakes tried to embrace the New Year with a smile on her face and hopes for the better. The famous RHOA star closed 2018 with a bunch of gorgeous photos that she shared with her fans and followers on Instagram.

She seems to be looking better than ever, and people agreed. Her followers praised NeNe in the comments section and wished her all the best for the New Year.

Now, she finally posted some pics with Gregg Leakes so that fans can see that they are going strong together and he's looking and feeling better.

NeNe told her fans that she and Gregg are feeling beyond blessed. People praised the couple in the comments section, and someone had a fantastic message for NeNe.

The person began their lengthy message by saying '@neneleakes you look absolutely stunning. I Love your beautiful long blonde hair. I love seeing you & your sweet husband out together enjoying your best life. I Think of you and your family often. Being so public about your husband‘s health has been I’m sure a tremendous hardship on you and your family. I pray that God will heal Greg and the two of you can enjoy the next 50+ years together. Your both such an inspiration to so many people. You both love each other so much and your both examples of what true love is all about. ❤️?'

The same fan also addressed marriage, saying that it's not always easy: 'Marriage can be challenging at times but the two of you stand by each other through it all, you also both make this world a better place by your examples. May 2019 be a year where the two of you can relax, have good health, be surrounded by people who truly love you and support you. I live to see your great sense of humor on the real housewives of Atlanta!!! Most of all I love how sweet and endearing & wise you are to your cast mates! You give them wise wisdom. You’re a woman with so many talents, and I hope to see you back on the big stage in New York on Broadway.'

The follower also told NeNe that she deserves every blessing she received and wished her and her hubby all the best:

'You truly deserve every lovely blessing that comes yours and your families way. Plus I love how you keep it real, and you’re very generous, gracious, kind friend, wife, mother. It would be a joy someday to meet you and have just fun girl talk. May 2019 be a prosperous year, so much love and joy for you & your entire family. God bless you! I hope that you will come across my message and know that I send my love to you and your sweet family.????'

Someone else also gushed over NeNe and Gregg: 'Absolutely Beautiful! Won’t God do it, Mr. Leakes you look amazing! Whatever you are doing keep it up and Mrs. Leakes you look amazing as always!!! Praying still for you all! God is definitely working it out!!!! I’m so excited for u all!!! Be Blessed!!!!'

More fans said that they have this family in their prayers and they hope that Gregg get well soon for himself and his family as well.

Have an amazing year, NeNe and Gregg!

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