NeNe Leakes' Fans Ask Her To Get Her Own TV Show Because She's 'Bigger Than RHOA'

NeNe Leakes' Fans Ask Her To Get Her Own TV Show Because She's 'Bigger Than RHOA'
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NeNe Leakes posted a gorgeous photo of herself, inviting fans to her Swagg Boutique, but they seemed concerned about other things in the comments section. Check out her photo below.

'I’m working Swagg Boutique today! Who’s coming by to shop wit me 🤔 6590 Sugarloaf Pkwy Duluth Ga 678-731-7924' NeNe captioned the pic yesterday.

Someone told her that they met Gregg Leakes at her shop: 'We came by for my mom’s @glamourousgigi 62nd birthday to meet you @neneleakes but they said you were already gone.🤦🏽‍♀️ we met MR. Leakes and I got some cool earrings. Had to #supportblackbusiness #blackqueeninnovators I left you a special message in the book and #isaidwhatisaid 💚💚💚💚love you!'

Another follower said that even if NeNe plays it rough, she is sensitive and she hurts when things are difficult: 'can tell she’s really hurting. She portrays strong black woman but is actually insecure about her own physicality and appearance. She is hurting and depressed. People close need to take notice. Makeup, surgery, and clothes can’t heal pain, anger, and disdain.🤷🏽‍♂️'

NeNe has been a caretaker for Gregg Leakes since he's been diagnosed with cancer and this has been anything but easy for her as well.

Another follower wants NeNe to have her own show: '@neneleakes Can you get your own show??!! You are really bigger than RhoA at this point. I mean "wig" got one and its not entertaining. I can see it now "I said what I said"I bet the ratings shoot up through the roof.'

This is not the first time when someone asks to see NeNe having her own show.

Some other fans have said that they would like to see her hosting the Wendy Williams show, but now that she is back that will not be necessary.

Another supporter told NeNe: 'I would love to work for you. I feel that I know your style, your work ethic, professionalism and your spirit of excellence. I would represent your brand well.'

NeNe has recently shared a photo of herself and its caption triggered some criticism from a few fans .


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