Mo'Nique Says She'll Slap Steve Harvey - Here's Why

Mo'Nique Says She'll Slap Steve Harvey - Here's Why
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Mo'Nique and Steve Harvey apparently got into a little spat with each other this past week. During the interview between the two Hollywood stars, the 51-year-old comic supposedly threatened to hit Steven reports The Jasmine Brand and

Supposedly, the pair was discussing Mo'Nique's remarks regarding Whoopi Goldberg, when things suddenly got heated. In a recent conversation, a source said that "Steve said she needs to apologize," following Mo'Nique referring to Whoopi as "the help" who works on The View.

The insinuation was that Whoopi Goldberg was kind of like a slave who works among white women on set. Thus far, neither party has commented publicly on the matter. Although, some social media users have accused Mo'Nique of merely saying whatever she must to get her names out in the headlines.

These days, Mo'Nique is pretty much only in the news for talking badly about others or getting into fights with other Hollywood stars, especially fellow black celebrities. For instance, she recently beefed with acclaimed director, writer, and actor, Tyler Perry.

Ever since she was supposedly blackballed from the industry for not playing along with Hollywood's rules, as Mo'Nique described it, the comedienne, for the most part, has only got herself in the media for feuding with others.

In 2009, Mo'Nique won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie, Precious. Since then, the actress has failed to secure work, due to the fact she has been feuding with other Hollywood figures repeatedly.

Directed by Lee Daniels, Precious is the film which cemented Lee Daniels status as a great director. Interestingly, Daniels has found himself in trouble with others as well, except with hip-hop entrepreneur, Damon Dash, who supposedly gave him $2 million at the beginning of his career because nobody he was the only person to believe in him.

Later on, Dash actually sued Lee Daniels for $5 million to make up for both inflation and interest on the original amount. It seems like Precious was a cursed movie because there's no question Mo'Nique has had repeated problems as well.

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  • Tina
    Tina Feb 9, 2019 10:43 PM PST

    Do not like the Hollywood is treating her, black and white Hollywood have wronged her. Whoopi was rude to her on the view and her comment made sense. Whoopi has no ownership in her movies. Lee Daniel's is a self hating jerk who along with Oprah and others are helping to blackball allegedly this talented sister. I may not agree with how Monique does things but to simply blame her us wrong. Steve is a jerk and should mind his own business. He is simply trying to score brownie points with Whoopi, Oprah etc...

  • Enza
    Enza Feb 3, 2019 5:34 PM PST

    I grew up with her in Baltimore. She was a bully back then and still a bully now!

  • Janice Sanders
    Janice Sanders Feb 3, 2019 3:18 PM PST

    She won't get good opportunities if she keeps talking smack and coursing trouble. If she thinks people will take her side, how has that been working for her now. No one takes the side of a whiner or instigator. No one wants to hire someone who may not get along with other people they have to work with. Stop being a diva, and get over it. Let things quite down.

  • Jgia
    Jgia Feb 3, 2019 8:25 AM PST

    Don't think there's any Hollywood Rules when it comes to Black Hollywood actors except "1"! But Really Mo'Nique violence now?? You want to 'Slap Steve" for 'expressing' his opinion?! WHATEVER benefit she's trying to deliver is getting LOST in her delivery!!!!!

  • James Queen
    James Queen Feb 3, 2019 5:41 AM PST

    Mo' Nique you have to learn to keep your mouth shut, plain and simple. Who likes a trouble maker.

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