Steve Harvey - Here's Why 'It's No Surprise' He Likes His Daughter Lori Dating Michael B. Jordan!

Steve Harvey - Here's Why 'It's No Surprise' He Likes His Daughter Lori Dating Michael B. Jordan!
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Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are currently dating and her step-father not only approves, he hopes they will last a long time! Steve Harvey admitted that he really tried to find anything wrong with his daughter's boyfriend but did not manage to find any flaw!

With that being said, one source now explains what caused Steve to like the actor in Lori's life so much!

The insider told HollywoodLife that 'Michael is a rare breed, and he really is one of the good guys so it’s no surprise that he gained the approval of Steve to date Lori. Michael has a heart of gold, and he’s very close with his family, plus he treats Lori with nothing but respect. He truly is every parent’s dream of who they’d want their child to date.'

They also added that Steve is really good at reading people and can 'sense when someone is putting on a façade in front of the parents.'

But 'Michael is just himself. There is no act or ulterior motive going on behind the scenes. He’s a genuine guy, and he thinks the playful jabs that Steve takes at him during interviews are hilarious. They actually have a really good rapport, and they get along great. Steve is very aware and proud of his intuition. Steve knew that Michael was a great actor and loved his work and was impressed with him before he dated his daughter. Now that they have met — and Steve has seen how [Michael] is around her and the man he is and has become with her — it is the best blessing Steve could ask for. He sees his daughter as someone he always wants to protect.'

Of course, the TV personality is very proud of Lori for picking such a great man!

He is super 'impressed' with how things are going between them and hopes their romance will last for a long time!


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