Monica's Ex-Husband, Shannon Brown, Gets Emotional In New Video Where He Makes This Surprising Confession About Her

Monica's Ex-Husband, Shannon Brown, Gets Emotional In New Video Where He Makes This Surprising Confession About Her
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The NBA All-Star Weekend attracted all kinds of celebrities, and naturally, the event was attended by lots of current and former professional basketball players as well.

Shannon Brown made headlines, as he was among the ex famous NBA stars who were present at the prestigious event.

After the game, the basketball pro had a quick interview with WGCI radio, during which he opened up and talked about some personal topics such as how the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant affected him and his divorce from the Grammy Award winner, Monica Arnold.

At some point, Shannon was asked if he wished to reconcile with his former partner. The basketball star replied that Monica was his forever Valentine. Although he stated that he did not want to get sentimental again, he proceeded by remarking that she was just a massive part of how he thought about love.

Shannon confessed: "She's my forever valentine. I... I'm gon' get sentimental again. She's just a huge part of how I think about love, I guess. She shows love, and I try to show it back."

A social media user had this reaction to the interview: "Then why you didn’t value her when you had her bruh?!😒
How could you drop the ball with Monica? Step aside, bro. It’s time my time to shine."

One person said this: "Lol, the question is, does Monica want to get back with him?😭"

Another commenter stated: "He better take them braids out b4 he walks back in her life 😂Sir leave that woman and her peace alone."

A fourth comment read: "That's what happens when you leave a good woman now look at you. Like literally his whole wife!!! What a fucking clown. You had her! All to she's gone, so gone over youuuuuu."

Even though Shannon did not give any indications that there was a chance of him ever getting back together with the singer, it was evident that Shannon was still very much in love with his ex-wife.

The former NBA player and the "The Boy Is Mine" performer allegedly met back in the summer of 2010 when the singer was looking for someone to portray the man she had a crush on for the video clip of her single, "Love All Over Me."

The two of them started dating shortly afterward and married in secret from the public a couple of months later.

Ever since their divorce, Shannon, and Monica supposedly remained on good terms, as they have continued to co-parent the daughter that they share.


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