Monica Is Honoured With Soul Train's 'Lady Of Soul' Award

Monica Is Honoured With Soul Train's 'Lady Of Soul' Award
Credit: BET

Monica Denise's fans are celebrating that their favourite singer got what she deserved! She was honoured for her 20 plus year music career.

She has had so many hits and definitely deserves this award!

Fans were really excited to learn that Monica took home the highest honour at this year's Soul Train Awards. The Grammy Award-winning singer received the coveted 'Lady of Sou.'

A follower said: 'I was waiting for her to shout “Free C Murda” lol.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'I love you Monica, but don’t sing that song again 😒😒 added all the extras for?

A commenter said: 'Baby, she made sure she said Free C Murda.'

More people offered their congratulations and kind words via the comments after seeing Monica's performance.

Check out the video to see her amazing look - she definitely was radiating!

Back in August, we were revealing that Monica Denise is single and ready to mingle with none other than her ex-boyfriend, C-Murder, who was incarcerated.

The singer took to Instagram, and she shared a few sizzling photos where she is wearing a bathing suit and matching pants.

Monica made sure to pull down her pants so her former lover can get a good view of what she is working with.


If there was any confusion, a fan told Monica: 'Oh, so since c-murder on his way home, you want to show out #gotcha.' She responded by saying: “Period.”