Halsey Accuses The Grammys Of Taking 'Bribes' After Being Snubbed!

Halsey Accuses The Grammys Of Taking 'Bribes' After Being Snubbed!
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Halsey, just like quite a few other artists this year, was snubbed from the Grammy Awards and she is not happy about it! That being said, after The Weeknd also spoke up against the awards show's controversial methods of selecting nominees, Halsey is doing the same, slamming them and even accusing the Recording Academy of taking bribes!

That’s right! Halsey is convinced the Grammys are corrupt and, after getting snubbed, she did not hold anything back!

The singer is rather frustrated by the unfairness and she was not about to ignore it about being overlooked, just like many others in the industry.

Halsey took to her IG Stories to share her thoughts on the matter, writing that she’s ‘been thinking and wanted to choose [her] words carefully because a lot of people have extended sympathy and apology to [her] since the Grammy nominations. The Grammys are an elusive process.’

She went on to explain that ‘It can often be about behind the scenes private performances, knowing the right people, campaigning through the grapevine, with just the right handshakes and 'bribes' that can be just ambitious enough to pass as 'not-bribes.' And if you get that far, it's about committing to exclusive TV performances and making sure you help the Academy make their millions in advertising on the night of the show.’

‘Perhaps sometimes it is (!!) but it's not always about the music or quality or culture. Just wanted to get that off of my chest. @theweeknd deserves better, and Manic did too [shrug emoji] perhaps its unbecoming of me to say so but I can't care anymore. While I am THRILLED for my talented friends who were recognized this year, I am hoping for more transparency or reform. But I'm sure this post will blacklist me anyway.’

As mentioned before, Halsey’s reaction to the Grammy snub comes after The Weeknd also spoke up.

The man did not appear in any category as a nominee this year, despite releasing a very successful album and multiple singles.

That being said, he took to social media to slam the awards show as ‘corrupt’ and demand ‘transparency,’ something he argued his fans as well as the whole music industry deserve.

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