Monica And Ex-Husband Shannon Brown Had This Interesting Exchange On Instagram After He Shared This Photo

Monica And Ex-Husband Shannon Brown Had This Interesting Exchange On Instagram After He Shared This Photo
Credit: Instagram

It is official, Monica and her ex-husband, Shannon Brown, are friendly exes.

The former couple announced their separation a few weeks ago, and the "Why I Love You So Much" singer made it clear it was not because of infidelities.

Monica also made it clear she has a lot of love and respect for the former basketball star.

Shannon recently celebrated his birthday, and he posted an adorable photo of himself when he was a baby, and Monica showered him with love.

Shannon wrote: "11-29-1985=34. My mama @nbamomcoach just sent me this...made me smile."

The "Before You Walk out of My Life" diva responded by: "Laiyahhhhhhhhhh 😩😂 Happy Birthday Shannon Demetrius!!! LoL."

Shannon told the mother of his child: "You know me know me, huh lol. Gracias Señorita!!!!!"

Shannon also had this message: "11-29-1985=34. Happy Birthday to everybody that holds the same day and sign as I do. I appreciate everybody that has shown, and that got legit love for me. For everybody else 🖕🏽. "#FreshOutTheShower"

Monica did share a few family portraits for Thanksgiving with this sweet caption: "Infinite Love & Optimism is what the three of you have given me! There’s no love greater than the love I share with each you!! You are the Love without Conditions that I prayed to feel... God knew I needed you 🖤 HAPPY THANKSGIVING."

The singer has been candid about the split.

She said this: “They’re definitely impacted. Even more than us because we know what’s taking place, sometimes, when they don’t. In their minds, they’re always trying to figure it out — they’re always trying to figure out what happened, why, and what the changes may be. So for us, my main focus was to make sure that they were okay,”

She continued with: “My 11-year-old asked me, ‘Can you stop divorce? Can you stop it? I asked him, ‘Did you ask me that because you were asked, or are you asking because it’s something you want to know?’ He said, ‘No, it’s something I want to know. Can you stop it, what does it mean, what does it take, what does it require?’ So I told him the truth.”

Monica added: “He wanted to know: ‘Since you did it, can you stop it, period?’ I was like, ‘Yes, that’s within the rights of any person if that’s the decision that they decide.’ I was like, ‘I haven’t stopped it or anything, but I want you to express to me what you feel.’ So we had a real dope hour-long conversation.”

Despite the friendship, reconciliation seems very unlikely at this point.


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