Monica And Brandy Have Different Opinions About Battling It Out On Verzuz

Monica And Brandy Have Different Opinions About Battling It Out On Verzuz
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For the past weeks, millions of music lovers have been breaking social media as they watch their favorite artists go head-to-head live as they battle it out, playing their biggest hits during the "Verzuz" battle.

After watching Babyface take on Teddy Riley, and they are gearing up to watch Erykah Badu and Jill Scott next weekend; many are hoping that there will be a Monica versus Brandy faceoff.

Brandy's brother, Ray J, is all for it. While speaking with Wendy Williams this week, Ray J said: "Brandy, she could battle. A good Brandy and Monica battle? Ooooooh."

Brandy was asked the same question, and she shared her thoughts by saying: "I'm open to it, but I haven't really thought about it. I don't know. I'm open. I'm open for sure. I'm not closed-minded."

Brandy's "Boy Is Mine" collaborator was also asked the same question, and she had another idea about the matter.

Monica stated: "I doubt it. I guess I kind of feel like, I understand the idea of it and I think it's really, really entertaining and an incredible idea. What I do like is its kind of turning into a celebration. I can handle a celebration. I think battles, one thing that has happened to me my whole career, is being put against someone else that I'm not even remotely similar to. I think the reality is, us being polar opposites makes it dope. And I tell people all the time, because the only battle or Verzuz they want to see with me is me against Brandy, and the reality is, people have put us against each other for twentysomething years. The reality is, I think 'Boy Is Mine' is such a phenomenal record because we're polar opposites. And I think that's dope. And she's one of the greatest artists of our time as well, so could we do a celebration or something of that sort? That would be the only thing that makes sense to me. Because I've been trying to tell people for about 25 years, you can like both! You're going to turn this into 1998 all over again, and I have no interest in that."

Do you want to see Brandy go head-to-head against Monica? Who would win this battle?


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