Mike Fleiss Faces Abuse Allegations From His Estranged Wife - Currently Under Investigation By Authorities

Mike Fleiss Faces Abuse Allegations From His Estranged Wife - Currently Under Investigation By Authorities
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, the creator of The Bachelor, Michael Fleiss, is under investigation by the authorities in Kauai, Hawaii, over allegations made by his pregnant wife, Laura Kaeppeller Fleiss.

The Police Department of Kauai's spokesperson, Kim Tamaoka, confirmed the reports with The Hollywood Reporter today on Wednesday, just one day approximately after she was given a temporary restraining order by a Los Angeles court against her husband.

The spokesperson stated, "currently, no arrests have been made." The 31-year-old woman accused her man of threatening her and also enacted several acts of violence claim court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

She married the 55-year-old back in 2014. In 2012, he was one of the judges in the 2012 Miss America contest where they met. They had their first child in May of 2015. On the 9th of July, Michael filed for divorce due to "irreconcilable differences."

The court demanded that Michael must stay away from Laura and the couple's child until the 6th of August, which is the date of the next hearing. Michael must stay at least 100 yards away at all times, moreover, he has to leave the house as well.

In a declaration obtained by reporters from The Blast, the producer denied hurting his wife. The court docs allege that she and her husband have been estranged over a difference of opinion regarding how many kids they want to have.

Reportedly, he said to her repeatedly throughout their marriage that he would have one child with her. However, after finding out she was pregnant, Michael apparently demanded she receives an abortion. Laura said in the court documents that Michael refused to have another child with her, and he "threatened" he would divorce her.

Laura accused Michael in the court documents of using divorce as a way of forcing her to have an abortion. Furthermore, on the 6th of July, Laura claims Michael took her phone away from her and left her and the child at their home in Kauai, Hawaii.

When she tried to get her phone back, he allegedly attacked her. Michael said in his response that he has security footage showing her assaulting him, rather than the other way around. Warner Brothers released a statement as well stating they were "looking into" the charges.

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