Matt Baier Says He Doesn't Believe Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Domestic Violence Charges

Matt Baier Says He Doesn't Believe Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Domestic Violence Charges
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According to a report from, Matt Baier, formerly Amber Portwood's fiancé, said he isn't buying the new domestic violence case in which she was portrayed as a violent person.

Moreover, Matt said to the outlet that he didn't think Amber was capable of the kind of violence she has been accused of. He believes she is a great mother who has shown tremendous love and concern for her kids.

During a conversation with reporters from the outlet, Matt, who was engaged to Amber until they split up in 2017, stated the case simply doesn't compute in his opinion. Amber's ex-fiancé stated that they had some intense disagreements and arguments, but things never came to a violent extreme.

Matt said he doesn't believe she would act violent around her 1-year-old son as well. As it was previously reported by TMZ, Amber was charged with domestic battery on the 5th of July after she allegedly hit her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

Andrew called the police on her and said she struck him repeatedly with a shoe while he was holding their child. Furthermore, it was alleged by Mr. Glennon that Amber attacked a door with a machete while he was on the opposite end of it.

TMZ reported Baier as saying he believes there is simply another side to the narrative and doubts the allegation. According to other outlets, the couple found themselves in a heated and violent dispute over fireworks.

Last week, the reality star was in court again facing 3 felony charges in addition to a hearing regarding the legal right for her to take care of her child. Andrew tried to get sole custody and the judge also implemented a temporary restraining order against her.

Curiously, Gary Shirley, her ex, was also present at the courthouse with his significant other to show support. Baier believes this is yet another signal that something isn't quite right about the case.

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