Megan Rapinoe Loses President Donald Trump's Supporters But Gets Love From Another High-Profile Politician

Megan Rapinoe Loses President Donald Trump's Supporters But Gets Love From Another High-Profile Politician
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After a public protest during the national anthem by the U.S. Women's World Cup soccer team, President Donald Trump was highly critical of Megan Rapinoe, who is one of the team's co-captains.

The reality TV star turned politician expressed his disappointment publicly and took the opportunity to discuss his views on the current situation with protests in professional sports.

Trump claimed that he did not believe in the protests, and the leader of the free world does not find them appropriate.

When directly asked whether he thought sports professionals should be participating in acts like this, he claimed he did not think so.

This is not the first time Trump has expressed such views publicly. Moreover, the president is a known opponent of the idea of protesting the government during professional sports events.

A previous highly-publicized incident had him criticizing members of the NFL who took part in similar acts.

Moreover, while many members of the public fired back at Trump explaining that he should stay out of these discussions, it does not seem like the message has gotten through, judging by his recent antics.

If anything, the president seems to be getting even more aggressive in speaking out against these incidents.

Some have speculated that this has to do with the upcoming 2020 election.

Trump's popularity has been getting weaker in some areas, and there is speculation that he might go to some great lengths to win back the support of his supporters.

Meanwhile, Rapinoe and the rest of the United States Women's National Team have been invited to visit the House of Representatives by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after revealing that they will never visit the White House while Trump is president.

Some are praising the soccer legend, and she is being blasted by others. One critic said: "Stand for National Anthem and support the country you are representing! My son is training and protecting YOU and your freedoms! Be a true leader and champion!"

A backer shared: "Thank you Rapinoe! I spent 33 years in the military and helped try to set up democratic governments. Ours is a failing government that is violating civil rights that we fight for in other countries. More, Megan Rapinoe's are needed! Thank you, Megan, for your authenticity."

This person stated: "We have lost all respect for you. Be against Trump that is fine, your right and opinion. However, disrespecting the national anthem is another thing. A reason why we stand is for the men and women who fought for our country, and the ones who never made it back home. I am a military family; we lost our Uncle in the war. The nation has been corrupt in many ways want before Trump. You still stood then. Obama was president you did it then. A lot of is hate what the government does sometimes but not standing doesn't change anything. It is not a time to decide to protest. It's time to give respects to the best parts of our nation. Moreover, if you wear that uniform, you must be proud to be an American in some way. Furthermore, that why we stand."

Is Rapinoe right to protest the national anthem?

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