Matthew Broderick's Sister Speaks Out On Coronavirus Diagnosis - Claims She Thought She Was Going To Die

Matthew Broderick's Sister Speaks Out On Coronavirus Diagnosis - Claims She Thought She Was Going To Die
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The coronavirus has impacted the entire world, but especially the entertainment industry. Last month, it was reported by several outlets that the sister of Matthew Broderick, Janet Broderick, had contracted COVID-19 during a nationwide conference between religious leaders.

During a conversation with New York Magazine, Janet shared with the outlet that she was very sick and thought she was close to death. As it was previously reported, Janet was diagnosed with the coronavirus and was struggling to stay alive for the better part of 18 hours.

She went to the Medical Center in Beverly Hills where doctors put her in the intensive care unit. After medical professionals diagnosed her with pneumonia, they put her on a breathing machine, and also gave her medication to help fight her 102-degree fever.

Page Six claims Janet was so concerned for her health that she began planning her funeral and praying for her life. She called her closest family members, including her kids, and also texted her sister saying she loved her.

Janet claims her brother, Matthew, who's a few years younger than her, called her in between rehearsals for his new Broadway play, Plaza Suite. The 58-year-old actor said to the magazine that the whole ordeal was very scary for everyone.

As it was noted above, Janet first started feeling sick when she came home from a conference in Kentucky. Another person who attended the same conference also came down with the coronavirus, so she got herself tested.

As for how she pushed through the whole near-tragedy, the minister claimed she had around 200 people rooting for her to live every night, so just knowing that gave her additional strength. With that said, she claimed she was given preferential treatment due to her brother, which, to her, is a symptom of the system's "corruption."

According to New York Magazine, Janet was the one to preside over her brother's marriage to Sarah Jessica Parker. They got married in 1997. Other stars affected directly by the coronavirus include Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Rachel Matthews, and many others.

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