Matthew Broderick's Sister Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Matthew Broderick's Sister Tested Positive For Coronavirus
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Page Six confirmed that the sister of Matthew Broderick has contracted the coronavirus. A statement from her church confirmed earlier this week that Janet was tested positive for the disease, and was rushed to the intensive care unit due to a "severe form of pneumonia."

Matthew's sister revealed the news through her church. In a statement to her congregation at the All Saints Episcopal Church on Wednesday, Reverend Janet Broderick wrote that she was "so thankful" for all the prayers she received.

Janet added that she was grateful to be supported with prayers, explaining that she made it through the "worst of this," and was slowly getting better. As it was previously reported, Broderick's sister got sick during a conference in Louisville, Kentucky, back in February, but she thought it was nothing at the time.

The event was attended by representatives of around 500 churches around the country. Initially, after seeking medical attention, professionals told her that it just seemed to be a "viral syndrome," and there was no reason to worry.

However, she went to Los Angeles' Sinai Medical Center after finding out someone else at the conference had contracted the illness. It made sense for her to get checked at that point, so doctors conducted the test and discovered she too had contracted the virus.

In a statement, the church revealed that her condition was stable, and she received treatment for pneumonia. Additionally, they confirmed that she was getting some of the best medical coverage available and doctors assured her she would make it out alive.

As for her younger brother, Matthew, he's slated to star alongside his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, in the revival of the classic comedy, Plaza Suite. Broderick and Parker are kicking off the Broadway production tomorrow on the 13th of March.

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time a famous person was affected by the pandemic - COVID-19. Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, released an Instagram post yesterday stating that they were being held in an Australian hospital after coming down with the fever and body pains. They think they're going to be ok, however.

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