Masika Kalysha Breaks Her Engagement To Jamar Champ

Masika Kalysha Breaks Her Engagement To Jamar Champ
Credit: BET

It's been just revealed that Masika Kalysha and Jamar Champ are no longer engaged. The Shade Room has more details about what happened. Check out the latest news below.

TSR reminds fans that these two celebrated their engagement with their close family and friends.

Unfortunately, a few days later they started to spark rumors that there could be trouble in paradise after fans noticed that they unfollowed each other on Instagram, and that they posted a few subliminal messages to their stories,' TSR notes.

It's been just revealed that in an exclusive statement issued to The Shade Room, Masika has confirmed that she has called off her engagement to Jamar.

She said, 'I have made the difficult decision to call off my engagement. As a public figure, I am aware that I am not entitled to the privacies most people would have. Because of this realization, I go the extra mile to ensure, the privacy, safety.'

A follower said: 'Love & hip hop must not have offered them a wedding special 🥴' and someone else posted this: 'This why ion brings everybody around my child. Cause what are you doing?'

One other commenter said: 'The statement was longer than the engagement,' and a fan posted this message: 'Is her little girl going to have to give her necklace back?🤔.'

Someone else said: 'Not surprised. I knew it was off when it was announced. I could feel it in my spirit,' and a follower said: ' From that fake kidnapping story for publicity to this, you can’t take anything she does seriously.'

Someone else posted this: 'I’m just confused how we all saw this, and she didn’t, especially after a 10yr friendship.'


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