Martin Lawrence Claims A Lawsuit Brought His Show To A Close - 'It Was Time For It To End'

Martin Lawrence Claims A Lawsuit Brought His Show To A Close - 'It Was Time For It To End'
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During a conversation with reporters from GQ Magazine, Martin Lawrence discussed a few issues close to his heart, including his short-lived sitcom. BET reported that the actor sat down with the outlet and explained why his hit-show came to a halt, suddenly, and without explanation.

Back in 2018, Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, and Tichina Arnold got together again for the first time in decades following Campbell's sexual harassment lawsuit against Lawrence. Back in 1997, she claimed in her suit that Martin was guilty of violent threats, sexual battery, in addition to neverending sexual harassment.

Lawrence denied all of the charges. Fast forward to 2020, where Martin dished on the matter with the aforementioned outlet. According to the Bad Boys actor, the lawsuit played a significant role in the downturn of Martin , which aired from 1992 until 1997.

Zach Baron, the interviewer for the outlet, asked Martin if he did the show for five seasons, and then why it suddenly came to a close? Mr. Lawrence, why holding back words, stated it was "time to end." Lawrence claimed there were some things being said about him that were simply untrue.

Without mentioning the lawsuit directly, Baron took it upon himself to make sure everyone knew what happened, and Martin responded by stating that the entire thing was "all bullsh*t," and nothing she said was true at all.

Attempting to quickly move on from the topic, Lawrence stated there was no need to discuss something that simply didn't happen. Regardless, he confirmed that the lawsuit was the reason for his departure.

According to the Bad Boys actor, a lot of people speculated it was due to low ratings and a subsequent cancelation, however, that "wasn't the case." The actor explained that he decided to leave. Interestingly, Martin chose to take the high road, despite the lawsuit and stated he has had nothing but love for her ever since.

"I have nothing but love for her, and I always have," the actor remarked. Tisha's lawsuit against Martin came long before the #MeToo movement which picked up steam back in late 2017.

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