Marjorie Harvey Defends Her Daughter Against The Person Who Called Her A Misogynist Slur

Marjorie Harvey Defends Her Daughter Against The Person Who Called Her A Misogynist Slur
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Currently, Lori Harvey is the new girl everyone loves talking about on social media considering she just began dating R & B singer, Trey Songz. Unfortunately, though, her new love interest has clearly sparked jealousy, as many of her haters have chosen to rear their ugly heads.

In one new comment, a person online accused Lori of being a "h*e," a claim which her mother then refuted. In recent weeks, Songz and Lori have been spotted getting cozy.

Moreover, they recently posed for a photo in California, and evidently, not a lot of people were happy about it. Although, one could safely assume that these individuals are merely a very vocal minority.

Additionally, reported that some of her more "egotistical" male celebrity boyfriends were upset. Putting that aside, Lori has continued living her life, posting selfies and whatnot as she usually does on her Instagram account.

Going back to the comment which started this whole dilemma, a person wrote, "they say she a h*e, it is true." In response, Marjorie Harvey, her mother, took to her comment section and said, "this is my daughter, not your mother."

There's no question that was a brutal diss. One can only nod along in respect to Marjorie Harvey. Interestingly, haters didn't come out to slam actress Halle Berry when Trey said he was trying to slide into her DM's for "the culture."

As it was previously reported, Songz said on his Twitter account that he was interested in the United States' first female black actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress.

However, unfortunately for Mr. Songz, Halle didn't respond the way in which he wanted. Halle said she had no idea what he meant by "for the culture," and it all ended after that.

This isn't the only time Ms. Berry has been shouted out to in the media. Interestingly, a quarterback for the Rams, Jared Goff was recently called out by Berry for naming a play after her. It was all in good fun though, and one of Goff's teammates laughed at the way in which he became so excited about Berry noticing their play.

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