Madonna Invites Lady Gaga To Post Oscars Party Is It The End Of Their Bitter Feud?

Madonna Invites Lady Gaga To Post Oscars Party Is It The End Of Their Bitter Feud?
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Madonna has extended an olive branch to Lady Gaga by inviting the A Star Is Born actress to her infamous post Oscars party. The two ladies are far from friends, so does this mean that they are working on mending fences and ending their bitter feud?

Radar Online is reporting that Madonna's Oscars post party is a much talked about event full of the hottest names in Hollywood. Although the party takes place at her manager’s house, Madonna is a cohost and has final approval on the guest-list. There has been a long-standing feud between Madonna and Lady Gaga, which is why it is such a surprise that the latter made the list.

A source close to the host claims that it is an intentional move by the 60-year-old and spoke to Radar Online about the real reason behind the invite.

"Madonna would make peace with the devil if it made her relevant again. Madonna has new music coming out this year and being attached to Gaga again would help her" the source shared with the website.

There is no doubt that all eyes will be on Lady Gaga and A Star Is Born at the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday night. Should the singer and the film do well at the Oscars, it could benefit Madonna to be photographed with Lady Gaga.  The same source explained that the invite and mending fences are likely strictly a career move for the 'Material Girl' singer. Lady Gaga has reportedly not yet declined or accepted the invitation.

There has been no love lost between these two women for years. Many comparisons between the singers have occurred, and neither one was happy about it. The drama all started with 'Born This Way.' Madonna and her fans felt it was too similar to her 90's hit ‘Express Your Self.' Since then they have often taken pot shots at the other in the media. Neither one is shy about expressing their thoughts on the other person.

After years of slamming Lady Gaga, Madonna has invited her to a post Oscars party. Fans shouldn't expect these two superstars to collaborate any time soon though. There is a good chance this feud is far from over. If Lady Gaga does attend it could mean there is a thaw in the fighting, but if she passes up the invite, it could bring a whole other layer to the bitter feud.

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