Lil Scrappy Tells Bambi Benson And Erica Dixon That He Is Grateful For Their Beautiful Children In Emotional Message -- Read It Here

Lil Scrappy Tells Bambi Benson And Erica Dixon That He Is Grateful For Their Beautiful Children In Emotional Message -- Read It Here
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Hopeless romantic and proud father Lil Scrappy has decided to get emotional and raw about his blessings -- his family.

The famous lip-biting rapper from Atlanta recently shared a lovely photo of his wife, Bambi Benson, spending quality time with his two beautiful children -- Emani and Breland Richardson. Lil Scrappy shares Emani with Erica Dixon.

The photo features the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and businesswoman giving a huge smile as she holds her cutie pie son while she sits next to bright Emani.

The trio was on a basketball court, and it appears that baby Breland is eager to play ball with his sister and mom. In the caption Lil Scrappy said he is thankful for his loved ones.

He wrote: "When God gave me my own family to support and take care of I didn’t knw it would really make me a man frfr, cause u can take care of yourself all day but when you actually take care of your Famiy no matter if it’s extended or nuclear fam or single take care of what God gives u #ItsNever2Late."

Fans are happy to see the growth in Lil Scrappy and the beautiful way that he and Erica who is currently pregnant with twins have been able to co-parent.

One supporter shared his own story: "I love this. And love how Erica having a baby I hope all the kids grow as one strong unit as siblings. That's my brother. I was 21 when I met my wife, she was 31, and I didn't know she had seven kids. But when I found out, she did and after the fact that I hot her pregnant which made eight kids. With the help of God, I have been taking care of them all. I'm 31 now and still doing it. So hats off to you big homie. I don't personally know you but I can relate to our reality and how it feels. "

This fan explained: "Now the next step is to marry and watch how God open more doors to your life. I'm a living witness. Just trust the process, no matter how hard it gets."

This Instagrammer had the following message: "Never leave your daughter mother out your daughter is big reading this how you think she fills. You are absolutely right and if every man would grasp that concept, the hood would b a better place. 🖤💪🏽"

A fourth supporter claimed: "You did very well when you chose the bam. She really is an amazing woman. So happy for you guys ❤️❤️Beautiful to see men step up and be in their children. Every child need both parents. To God be the glory."

Lil Scrappy has grown a lot in the past few years.

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