Lil' Pump Fans Freak Out Again After He Says He Feels Like 'Dying' On Twitter

Lil' Pump Fans Freak Out Again After He Says He Feels Like 'Dying' On Twitter
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Earlier this week, Lil' Pump had fans worried once again when he took to his Twitter account to say that he felt like dying. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the rapper's tweet from yesterday in which he made the seemingly innocuous comment.

It's entirely unclear whether Lil' Pump was just expressing himself at the moment, perhaps from boredom, or from a mental health crisis. But it didn't matter to some on social media, who took his remarks very seriously.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Lil' Pump has a history of honesty when it comes to mental health issues, despite the fact his career has been blooming ever since the success of his first viral single. Fans of Lil' Pump will remember two years ago when he supposedly considered suicide.

As it was previously reported by Alexis Stone back in March 2019, Lil' Pump said on his IG Stories that he was seriously considering whether or not he could continue working on his music career. The rapper claimed he felt like he was going to die sometime soon.

A cascade of concerned individuals took to the rapper's IG to send positive words of encouragement, except for one, who poked fun at popular rappers' new publicly expressed sensibilities and vulnerability.

Regardless of the rapper's controversial tweets, he does have a new project coming out soon, and some fans speculated that his cry for help was merely an attempt at self-promotion.

In the past few months, Pump announced he was dropping a new mixtape in April. Thus far, he hasn't revealed any of the tracks on it or when it's supposed to come out.

Interestingly, Pump revealed that his new project would be in the punk-rock genre, similar to Machine Gun Kelly, who's also about to release a new record with the help of Travis Barker, the Blink-182 drummer.

Reportedly, MGK has chosen to go the pop-punk route with the release of Tickets to my Downfall. 

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