Lil Pump Loses 300,000 Followers On IG Following Trump Support

Lil Pump Loses 300,000 Followers On IG Following Trump Support
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According to Hot New Hip Hop, Lil' Pump saw a massive 300,000-follower decrease on his Instagram account after he came out as a Trump supporter just before the 2020 election started. Lil' Pump, whom the president incorrectly introduced as "Lil Pimp," even took the stage at a Michigan rally where he had a few words for the attendees there.

The president of the United States of America asked Lil' Pump if he had anything he wanted to say, and the rapper grabbed the microphone and thanked him for bringing the "troops home" and also for making America great again.

Lil' Pump went on to urge American citizens to not cast their vote in support of "Sleepy Joe Biden," the nickname given to the Democratic nominee by Donald Trump. Lil' Pump's decision to come out as a Trump supporter has come at a time when many hip-hop fans are questioning whether he'll return to the hip-hop game in any meaningful way.

For instance, it was reported earlier this week that many hip-hop fans began sending J. Cole messages on his social media platform, asking him to comment on Lil' Pump's purported fall from the top of the game to the bottom.

In case you missed it, J. Cole once released a song in which he gave advice to up and coming rappers, explaining how to go about fostering a career with sustainability and integrity. Many people thought the track was directly aimed at Lil' Pump.

Of course, Lil' Pump was in the headlines again earlier in the month when he took to his IG account to say that there was no way Joe Biden could win. The rapper claimed if the Democrats won the presidency, he would pack his bags and move out of the United States.


Another rapper to make threats like this was 50 Cent, although, he later back-tracked on his claims, after Chelsea Handler came out to jokingly say that she had to remind 50 Cent that he was "black ," and couldn't support the president or his policies.

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