Lil Loaded Slapped With Manslaughter Charges From 2020 Summertime Incident

Lil Loaded Slapped With Manslaughter Charges From 2020 Summertime Incident
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Hot New Hip Hop reported this weekend that yet another rapper is in trouble with the police again, but this time, it's Lil Loaded. The outlet says that he has been struggling in a legal battle since the summertime of 2020 due to a shooting.

Back in July, the rapper talked about being shot at with his fans on his IG Live account. According to the outlet, when the incident went down, he taunted the people who tried to hurt him by saying they had to "do better," but not long after, he turned himself in to the authorities related to another incident.

The rapper apparently turned himself in due to murder charges, Hot New Hip Hop reported. Loaded came forward to say that he was being made to look guilty of the crimes, but in December, he was let out of jail after coughing up a $75,000 bond.

A new report from Hot New Hip Hop revealed that Loaded has now been charged with a less severe crime, notably, manslaughter . The 20-year-old has been accused of murdering Khalil Walker, and the investigators stated that they were actually friends.

Khalil Walker's sister says she came out of the house to see the rapper and another person standing near his deceased body. The authorities also state that they have video evidence of the shooting that took his life.

Interestingly, Loaded's attorney said there was "no malice," and added that he and Walker were not fighting because they were actually great friends. Loaded was initially under house arrest, but due to his work schedule for which he must travel, the rapper has been let out.

And if this isn't bad enough, Loaded is fighting another charge as well. Hot New Hip Hop says he has been charged with carrying a weapon unlawfully, however, it's not clear how long he'll have to serve if he is convicted of both crimes, particularly the manslaughter charge.

As it was noted above, Lil Loaded joins the artist, Jackboy , who was also arrested this weekend on charges of carrying a loaded weapon.

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